Saudi Arabian National Guard took the initiative based on the instruction from the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz to establish the National Antivenom and Vaccine Production Center to meet the national need of having local highly effective antivenoms that are capable of neutralizing the venom of the local snakes and scorpions.

The imported antivenoms to the kingdom and the gulf regions failed in neutralizing the lethality of the local snake and scorpion venoms which represented a serious medical problem.

The scientific facts proved that the antibodies that were prepared for snake and scorpion venom will be very weak in neutralizing the venoms if the venom was not taken from a snake or scorpion that live in the same environment. Both international conferences and symposiums held to discuss the mortality from snake and scorpion in the kingdom and those which discussed the recent advances in serotherapy agreed that the only solution to the problem of snake and scorpion in the kingdom is to prepare local antivenoms. The latest was the international conference on recent advances in antivenom serotherapy that was held at the King Fahad National Guard Hospital on 11 June 1988 which recommend that one governmental institution has to take the initiative of preparing highly effective local antivenom.