Polyvalent Snake Antivenom – (Equine) Registered by the MOH in Saudi Arabia under registration no. (98/308/2).

The NAVPC polyvalent snake antivenom is a refined and highly purified preparation containing the F(ab’)2  fractions of the immunoglobulins raised against the venoms of six terresterial Saudi snakes. The antivenom is prepared by hyperimmunizing  healthy Arabian horses using gradually increasing doses of local snakes venoms from Bitis arietans, Echis coloratus, Echis carinatus, Naja haje, Cerastes cerastes,  Walterinesia aegyptia, and immunomodulators .

Unit: 10 ml ampoule
Package: 1 box containing 10 ampoules of 10 ml capacity
Storage temperature: 8 ± 2oC (in dark)
Shelf Life: 3 years

The polyvalent snake antivenom is highly specific in neutralizing the toxic effects of the six Saudi snake venoms such as Bitis arietans, Cerastes cerastes, Echis carinatus, Echis coloratus, Naja haje, Walterinnesia aegyptia venoms. The antivenom has a wide spectrum of activity and can neutralizes the venom of many of the Middle East and North African snakes including Bitis caudalis, Bitis gabonica, Naja melanolleuca, Naja naja and Naja nigricollis. The antivenom also  neutralize effectively the haemorrhagic and myonecrotic activities of the mentioned viper snake venoms and the neuromuscular blocking and cardiotoxic effects of the mentioned elapid snake venoms.